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Job Position : EIA Coordinator (Tannery, Building and Mining projects, 01 Each)

Number's of Vacancies : (3)

Job Detail

The Candidate should have :

  1. Clarity in the concept of the EIA process.
  2. Knowledge of the applicable acts, Rules and regulations.
  3. Domain Knowledge of the industry /Sectors for which EIA are to be prepared 
  4. Broad understanding of the environmental aspects related to the industry / Sectors.
  5. Leadership Quality in planning ,selecting and Guiding the Team.

Minimum Educational qualification :

  • Bachelors (Graduate) degree or equivalent in technical subjects such as engineering/ architect / Environmental Planning/ Town planning  and the  like from UGC / AICTE regignised unversity /Colleges


  • Masters (Post Graduate ) degree  in Science and other Subjects. physical/ Environmental /Life Science / Social Science / Economic / Management from UGC/ AICTE  recognised university / College .


  1. EIA related : Minimum seven year overall experience related to EIA preparation.
  2. Sector Specific : The EC should have adequate experience for the sectors (S) for which S/He is proposed by the applicant organisation (AO) in term (i) Having worked in those sector for at least 2 Years or (ii) having prepared at least 3 EIA reports for projects in those sectors or (iii) having carried out 3 Environmental assgnement (Such as Enviornmental monitoring / Audits ) in those sectors involving at least one month exposure or (iv) 3 in a combination of (ii) and (iv).



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