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                                                            OUR LIST OF RESPECTABLE CLIENTS

01             Balrampur Mills Ltd - 18 Units(Sugar, Power and Distillery) 38           Somaiya Organics Barabanki Distt-Barabanki    
02 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd - 21 Units(Sugar, Power and Distillery) 39 DSCL Group proposed distillery unit- Ajbapur Distt- Lakhimpurkhiri
03 Birla Sugar - 5 Units (Sugar, Power and Distillery) 40 Somaiya organics (Distillery) Captainganj Distt- Kushinagar
04 Triveni Engineering - 13 Units (Sugar, Power and Distillery) 41 Nibi Distillery Goshi Distt- Mau
05 DCM Group - 2 Unit (Sugar, Power ) 42 J.H.V. Sugar Mills Ltd Unit- Sugar Nichlaul Distt- Maharajgang 
06 Simbhaoli Group - 6 Units (Sugar, Power and Distillery) 38 J.H.V. Sugar Mills Ltd Proposed Unit-Distillery, Nichlaul Distt- Maharajgang
07 Dhampur Group - 3 (Sugar, Power and Distillery) 43 J.H.V. Sugar Mills Ltd Sugar unit- Padrauna Distt- Kushinagar 
08 Chadda Group - 2 Unit (Sugar, Power and Distillery) 44 Saraya Sugar Mills Ltd, Sardarnagar Distt- Gorakhpur
09 Dalmia Group - 6 Units (Sugar, Power and Distillery) 45 Saraya Distillery, Sardarnagar, Distt- Gorakhpur
10 Cocacola Beverages (P) Ltd - 3 Units 46 SBEC- (Modi group) Proposed Distillery unit at Malakpur Distt-Baghpat 
11 Wave Distillery- Atrauli- Aligarh 47 L.H Sugar Factories ( Sugar & Power ), Pilibhit  Distt- Pilibhit
12 Seksaria Sugars - Sitapur Distillery at Biswa. 48 Rayana Paper and Board Mill Ltd Distt- Santkabirnagar
13 Mansoorpur Distillery Vill- Mansoorpur Distt- Muzaffarnagar 49 Deoria Paper Mills Ltd, Distt - Deoria
14 Krishna Paper & Board Mills Distt- Deoria 50 Altamash Paper & Board Ind, Distt - Deoria
15 Reliance Paper Mills Ltd, Nepal 51 U.P. Provinces Sugar Comp. Ltd Seorahi Distt- Kushinagar
16 Khalilabad Sugar Mills Ltd, Khalilabad Distt- Santkabirnagar 52 U.P. Cooperative Sugar Indo Distillery Unit- Goshi, Nanpara
17 U.P State Sugar Corp. Ltd Unit- Bhatni, Distt- Deoria 53 U.P State Sugar Corp. Ltd Unit- Ramkola Distt- Kushinagar
18 U.P State Sugar Corp. Ltd Unit-Laxmigang Distt- Kushinagar 54 IPL- Unit- Siswa Distt- Maharajgang
19 IPL- Unit- Khadda Distt- Kushinagar 55 IPL- Unit- Jarwal road Distt- Bahraich 
20 U.P. Provinces Sugar Comp. Ltd, Seorahi Distt- Kushinagar 56 Ankur Spinning Mills Distt- Gorakhpur
21 Jalan Ji Polytex (P) Ltd Distt- Gorakhpur 57 Bathwal Textile GIDA Distt- Gorakhpur
22 Ambay Processors GIDA Distt- Gorakhpur 58 Lari Textile GIDA Distt- Gorakhpur
23 Laxmi Cycles (P) Ltd Distt- Gorakhpur 59 Jalan Steels Distt- Gorakhpur
24 Jalan Con cost Ltd Distt- Gorakhpur 60 Govind Steels Distt- Gorakhpur
25 Govind Agro Ltd Distt- Gorakhpur 61 Sethi Flour Mills Distt- Gorakhpur
26 Purvanchal Fertilizer Ltd Distt- Gorakhpur 62 Asian Fertilizers Distt- Gorakhpur
27 Awadh Fertilizers Distt- Bahraich 63 Awadh Wood Products Distt- Bahraich
28 Laxmi Solvex (P) Ltd Distt- Bahraich 64 Kranti Stees Ltd Distt- Bahraich
29 Suyash Chemicals & Fertilizers Bahraich 65 Indian Oil Corp Ltd, Baitalpur Distt- Deoria
30 Indian Oil Corp Ltd, Gonda Distt- Gonda  66 Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd, Baitalpur Distt- Deoria 
31 Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd, Bokta Distt- Gorakhpur  67 Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd , Baitalpur Distt- Deoria 
32 Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd , Gonda Distt- Deoria  68 Nawab Rubber Industries, Distt- Deoria
33 Urvashi Textile, Orai Distt- Jalaun 69 Vinayak Fibers, Kosi Kalan, Dist- Mathura
34 U.P.Jal Nigam 70 Sahara India
35 RLJ concast Ltd, With Power project Mirzapur 71 RLJ steel plant With Power project Ltd Mirzapur
36 RM Iron & Steel With Power project, Mirzapur 72 Shanti Gopal concast ltd, With Power project Mirzapur
37 Simbholi Iron Project With Power project , Chandauli 73 Approx- 80 Building project( builders) and approx-250 other industries

Our Clientele


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