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Organic Waste Converter


The OWC is an equipment specially designed & developed to convert the organic waste like kitchen waste generated in residential & commercial establishments into high quality manure. The manure produced through this convertor is homogenized and odour free.

OWC  processes wet organic solid waste like kitchen waste, garden waste, temple waste by employing heat & insulating the heat in the composting process.  It is an automated process where care has been taken to ensure minimum power consumption and negligible manpower cost. It can be operated even by unskilled labour.  The composting is done single step and no shredder or curing machine is required.  The equipment does not generate any odour and can be placed anywhere.  The composting takes place in the equipment in closed environment hence it is hygenic.

It converts the organic waste added to the machine into nitrogen rich compost by reducing its volume to almost 90 percent of the original.  The waste is processed in the composter in such a manner that the pathogens are killed and the garbage is converted into a sweet smelling manure.

Owc is available in different models and can also be customised as per requirement.


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