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Soil Analysis


Soil Testing 

The soil test is an important measure of the soil's ability to supply nutrient elements needed for good plant growth.  The test also tells how much lime (calcium) is needed to establish the most desirable soil pH for the crops to be grown. 

Soils constantly undergo change. The quantity and availability of plant nutrient elements in the soil change as a result of removal by the growing or harvested crop, leaching, erosion, or the addition of fertilizer, manure or compost.  The soil test reveals the current fertility status and provides the information necessary to maintain the optimum fertility conditions for the plants to be grown. Many plants grow well over a wide range of soil pH when other growing conditions are good.  Some plants, however, grow best within a narrow range of pH.  The only way to determine whether the soil is acid, neutral or alkaline (pH) is by a soil test.

Most turf grasses, flowers, ornamental shrubs and vegetables grow best in slightly acid soils of pH 6.1 to 6.9.  Some plants require an acid soil to grow best.  These include rhododendron, azalea, pieris, mountain laurel and some wild flowers. The availability of most nutrient elements is greatest at a pH near 6.5.  When the pH rises above this value, trace elements such as iron, manganese, copper and zinc become less available.


S. No.

Name of product/ Sample

Test Parameter

Quantity required




4-5 KG.



 Sodium as Na

Potassium as K

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen


Organic matter

Calcium (as Ca)

Magnesium (as Mg)

Water Soluble Sulphate

Cation exchange capacity

Water holding capacity

Bulk Density


Soil Permeability

Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR)

Soil Grain Size Analysis/Texture
(% by mass)

(A) Sand

(B)  Silt

(C)  Clay


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