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Aeration Tank with Diffusers


We supply and manufacture a wide range of Diffuser & Aerators for Waste Water Treatment which is made from best quality material as per the need of the clients. These are used for removing the impurities and chemicals from waste water. This waste water treatment is well known for their durability, reliability, and giving long lasting service. These systems can be used in various industries applications and available with us in a variety of colors and sizes, these products can also ordered by our customers in bulk quantities.


  • High Oxygen transfer efficiency

  • Self cleaning operation

  • Fine bubble formation

  • Non - clog operation

  • Intermittent operation without water back flow

  • Easy & quick to install

  • No moving part - assures safety

  • Material resistant to waste water

  • Unbreakable, light weight & Heavy duty membrane to withstand high pressure

  • Low pressure loss across diffuser

  • Economic operation due to low investment & operation cost

  • Through intermixing of water and sludge components & uniform concentration of oxygen throughout  the tank

  • Negligible emission, odour, aerosols & noise

  • Enormous power saving.

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