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Social Impact Assessment


Social Impact Assessment

Socio- Economic status of the population is an indicator for the development of the region. Any developmental project will have a bearing on the living conditions and on the economic base of population in particular and the region as a whole. Similarly, the proposed activities will have its share of socio-economic influence in the study area. The study delineates the overall appraisal of society relevant attributes. The data is done through primary household survey and through the analysis of secondary data.

Surveys are being conducted by ETRC skilled personal to determine socio-economic status of the study areas. Conducting a social impact assessment is important for several reasons. In general, it is used to alert the community, including residents and local officials of the impact and magnitude of the proposed development on the community’s social and economic well-being. The assessment can help communities avoid creating inequities among community groups as well as encourage the positive impacts associated with the development.

Other Details:

  • Accurate results
  • In time completion
  • Effective analysis



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